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Randolph by innovator123-dc4inh8.png
Name Randolph
Designer innovator123
Gender Male
Age 20 (Arc 3)
23 (Arc 4)
Nationality French
Height 5ft, 10in

Randolph (ランドルフ, Randorufu) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Randolph wears stylized knight's armor with a helmet featuring a long, sharp visor used for headbutt attacks along with a red ribbon mounted on-top. The armor is colored in varying shades of gray and pale scarlet, and the shield depicts a flame pattern with yellows, oranges, and reds. Strapped to Randolph's back is a fuel tank that provides the fuel for the flamethrower lance and rocket booster.

If unmasked, Randolph's hair is revealed to be a light shade of brown, and his eyes are dark violet and slightly larger than those of an average human's.


Randolph is extremely loyal to the Roast gang and vows to obey any order he is given. Despite his suit of armor and it's amazing power, Randolph is quite stubborn and gets startled easily when spooked- especially when he isn't fully in his armor.


Randolph is one of the co-leaders of the Roast Gang.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Randolph's armor features a built in metal lance and a booster pack on the back attached to a fuel tank. The lance's tip has an opening which Randolph can trigger to spew fire by squeezing a handle inside the lance's base where his hand sits comfortably The tip of the lance can be opened and split apart to increase the range and power of the fire that is shot out.

Due to being in armor, Randolph's mobility is slightly below average, however he makes up for this by blasting a rocket booster on the backside of the armor (accessed through a button inside the lance) to gain speed and perform high impact crashes with either the lance as it erupts fire or his own head.


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