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Name Than
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age 20 (Arc 2)
22 (Arc 3)
25 (Arc 4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 6ft, 3in

Than (ターネ, Tāne) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Than is a slim young adult with clean, platinum-white hair with two thick strands sticking upwards and bent at the middle, and royal purple eyes. His main outfit is colored purple and white, with yellow details.


Initially, Than was a very kind person growing up, but after a downward spiral of events, his personality changed for the worse, becoming incredibly smug, cocky, and prideful for himself. He hates the idea of losing and only battles when he knows he has an advantage. When his weaknesses are exposed or if he's put into a disadvantage, he becomes easily stressed and may even resort to cheating or other cheap tactics to out the situation back in his or his team's favor. If he sees no chance in success, he is very likely to bail out at the last minute.


Than, much like his ex-friend Girou, was raised in a large underground city with several portions built out on the surface. Than was one of the citizens that assisted in mining to expand the city, routinely teamed up with Girou. Than's interest in machinery and technology came from the city's chief engineer, who taught Than and Girou everything he knew. Eventually, Than was shown the engineer's prototype for a miniature battle mech and assisted in testing and refining it's features to stabilize it's performance. Not long after many practice runs, the mech was approved and the two boys took turns using the mech to mine through the city.

After several months of using the drill-bot, a massive divide occurred in the city, forcing half of the town's residents to leave in a fit of rage, with Than's family being part of the town's separatists. Without warning, Than was dragged out of the city, struck with fear that he would never return or see Girou again. The separatists then begun to construct a giant military base with the ultimate goal of raiding the town Than was originally raised in. Than was traumatized when he realized that he would have to go against Girou, the very man that he spent almost all of his life with. He had a small ounce of hope when he discovered the very mech that he used to use for drilling was there ready to assist him- now configured with an assortment of new weapons, but a new, darker side was awakening within Than as a result of being gradually manipulated into believing Girou and his town as the inferior ones.

Soon, Than joined his crew in a big speech declaring war to their former hometown, armed with various mechs they had built after being separated. Girou noticed Than in their old mech, causing the two to start bantering with one-anoher, ending with Than forcing Girou away using his mech's drills. Days later came the war between the town's residents and the separatists, and Than was in the front line. Witnessing Girou piloting a new souped-up mech of his own custom design, Than wasted no time in dueling with him. While his machine excelled in durability and power, Girou was eventually able to get the upper hand, knocking out Than and critically damaging the mech before speeding off to help fight off the rest of Than's crew. The separatists where then defeated, with Than being forced to haul back the busted mech to the base, alone.

Than could no longer see Girou as a friend after the humiliating defeat, only getting more bitter towards him in the end. In the hopes that one day he can evenly match or perhaps defeat Girou, Than worked for hours on end to repair and improve the mech that he's used since childhood.

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