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Name Kazuhiko
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age 28 (Arc 2)
30 (Arc 3)
33 (Arc 4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 6ft, 6in

Kazuhiko (和彦) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Kazuhiko has blonde hair styled into a thick pompadour on the front that curls over his head, and a flat top on the back. The pompadour has several unfolded hairs sticking out, which Kazuhiko claims resembles the siping on a tire. Kazuhiko wears thin, black glasses with light purple eyes underneath.

Kazuhiko's standard attire is a custom designed lavender tuxedo with matching pants and brown shoes.


Kazuhiko is confident and intelligent but also rude and wise-cracking. He spends his free time hanging out at bars and nightclubs, hooking up with girls and going on joyrides in his personal black hotrod in the outskirts of a near-futuristic city.

Sometime following a confrontation with Aozora, Kazuhiko used his money to construct a high-end two-floor dance club somewhere in the city, consisting of dance floors, bars, a large hot tub, and a giant indestructible glass statue of Kazuhiko's upper body twisting and emerging from the wall above the dance floor, with a disco ball rotating inside the palm of it's left hand. The club has since become a massive success at night, with Kazuhiko acquiring greater recognition and becoming even more of a target for girls In the process. Gaining even greater wealth in years to come, Kazuhiko further expanded the dance club into a "dancer's paradise", making it even larger and flashy than before.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

During his teenage years, Kazuhiko would eventually discover the power of psychokinesis, allowing him to manipulate objects with his mind and sometime after, fire powerful beams of energy from his body. His signature projectile is a wheel of plasma with sharp edges that Kazuhiko can charge up and release at high speeds, shredding through nearly anything it is fired at.

When angered or in deep combat, Kazuhiro's eyes become clear white and release thick white smoke behind his glasses. Kazuhiko has the ability to levitate and fly at high top speeds, using energy blasts from his hands and feet to propel himself forwards. With this, he can surround himself in energy to shield himself from attacks while flying and slam into targets at great speeds, using his psychic powers to nullify the recoil damage he would receive from impact.


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