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Temp and Espa

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Name Temp
Designer ElRinconDeRED
Gender Male
Age 21 (Arc 4)
Nationality French
Height 5ft, 9in

Temp (テンペ, Tenpe) and Espa (エスパ, Esupa) are a pair of characters in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Both Temp and Espa sport identical appearances, with a slim body type, mildly pale skin and black eyes, only differing in their default facial expression (Temp's expression is mischievous/determined, Espa's is neutral/relaxed) along with their hair and outfit colors.

Temp's hair is black, while Espa's is white. Their outfits are simple steampunk-themed performer suits (Temp's is themed after the colors dark grey and pale brown, Espa's are themed after white and light orange) consisting of a performer's long-sleeved shirt, tight acrobatic pants, and performer's shoes.


Temp is devious, wild, and prone to anger and mischief while Espa is more calm, smooth, unemotional, and controlled (despite showing positive emotion more often than Temp).


Temp and Espa are a pair of time-traveling and time-bending twin acrobatics from France. Hailing from the near future, they traveled across many different time periods before settling in the present timeline. The pair is rarely trustworthy and are quite the troublemakers, but they are watched upon and kept in check by their mother, Sonnerie, the co-leader of the shows Temp and Espa perform in.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Temp and Espa can freeze and distort time and space around them to inflict damage on enemies. As it is a very powerful technique commonly used to give the twins free attacks, it takes up a large amount of energy and requires the twins to focus both their powers simultaneously before triggering the time stop for maximum efficiency. If just one twin is active, time itself can only be slowed, not stopped.

The twins can use their powers to move at blistering speeds; faster or slower than they appear to walk. The pair also has the ability to cast energy pellets and walls, and conjure up small objects made out of white energy for offensive and defensive purposes.


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