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This page features a character that will debut proper in a future Arc.
Content written here is pre-release information and subject to change.
Name Codra
Designer OpticDevaint, kawanuwa
Gender Male
Age 20 (Arc 4)
22 (Arc 5)
Nationality African-American
Height 5ft, 9in

Codra (コドラ, Kodora) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Codra was raised in New York City, living with both of his parents in a relatively successful life outside of small troubles with socialising in his elementary school years. His father was an avid billiards player and planned to teach his son how to be an expert in his footsteps. However, Codra was disinterested in the sport, generally favoring his tastes in music and time alone in his bedroom. Halfway through middle school, Codra took an interest in the dancing and hip-hop scene in New York and became more talkative and grew better at interacting with his peers.

As Codra was soon to be finished with middle school, his father suffered from an accident that caused one of his arms to be put into a cast for several months, limiting what he could do to support his family. With that, his ability to play billiards was shattered, and Codra was deeply worried. Wanting to impress him and cheer him up, Codra grabbed the billiard cue his father used to use and begun playing billiards by himself, with his father watching from the side and teaching him all the tricks he knew. By the time Codra’s father’s arm had fully recovered, Codra and his father were now equally matched in potential, leading to father and son squaring off in friendly competition against one another. But as Codra’s father’s skill stayed realistically the same, Codra’s own skill developed even further, coming up with new strategies to effectively sink all the billiard balls he could without giving his opponent a chance.

At this time, Codra was now in high school. Eventually, a billiards tournament was held not too far from Codra’s place of residence, and so Codra signed up to compete amongst the others in his age division, Despite some of his strategies backfiring and having to rely on clever comebacks, Codra effortlessly pulled a victory, winning himself a trophy and his family a large sum of prize money, As a special treat for his son’s accomplishment, Codra’s father went out and bought a luxury “Billiard Battle Gauntlet” which to his surprise and eventual realization, was a fully functional weapon worn across both the arms. Without second thought, Codra took the gauntlet along with the eight electromagnetic billiard balls and high performance electrified billiard cue and begun to use it. After a test run, Codra opted to go back to his regular billiard cue and balls shortly after, figuring that the Billiard Battle Gauntlet would do him no good.

This changed when Codra one day decided to show off the gauntlet to his circle of basketball-playing friends out in the streets of New York City, upon which Codra was later ambushed in a back alley by some strangers who saw the gauntlet from a distance and desired to steal the gauntlet and auction it off for a large sum of money. Codra fought the crooks, quickly getting used to the battle gauntlet and it’s primary functions, including using the billiard balls to finish them off. In just the span o a few minutes, Codra swept through the thieves and was cheered on by his pals- returning home as a hero. However, he kept the scenario a secret from his parents, saying only that he had found “a better use” for the gauntlet as an excuse for him taking it out into public. After graduating from high school, Codra continues to compete in billiard tournaments and use the Billiard Battle Gauntlet to defend himself, participate in fighting tournaments in the area and keep everyone he cares for safe, with his interest in hip hop and rap music still going strong.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

By himself, Codra is average at combat. While he is quick to react to incoming attacks, he lacks the immediate strength to fight back as the muscles in his arms and legs are not well-developed. Without the Billiard Battle Gauntlet, Codra must rely on cheap hits to give himself an advantage. With the Billiard Battle Gauntlet, Codra's combat potential skyrockets, providing a well-deserved boost to his arm strength by heavily armoring up his arms and equipping him with a large mechanical billiard cue and a billiard ball launcher to strike ranged targets. The launcher is used to fire special lightweight electro-magnetic billiard balls.

To charge up a shot, Codra squeezes his right hand, which triggers a sensor in the right gauntlet’s glove and steadily increases the firepower of the ball cannon. When fired, the billiard balls travel forwards and ricochet off surfaces while spinning and emitting (outside of specific conditions) blue electricity until they lose momentum and eventually drop to the floor. Afterwards, Codra can recall the balls back towards him by emitting an electromagnetic pulse from the right gauntlet's index finger to send the balls flying back into his pocket. The launcher is able to fit four balls at a time and launch each one one after the other. By using a technique Codra dubs "Re-rack", Codra can use magnetism to quickly swap out the balls currently in the launcher with those in the container on the left side of his pants, changing the attributes of the balls the launcher fires based on their number. It can also be used to quickly reload the launcher after completely emptying the gauntlet's launcher firing off a round of billiard balls.

The eight billiard balls contain the following attributes:

  1. The 1-Ball is a standard projectile that emits electricity.
  2. Once launched, the 2-ball suddenly cools itself, leaving small surfaces of ice on wherever it bounces.
  3. The 3-Ball instead initiates a heater that transforms it into a fireball, lightly burning up anything it bounces off.
  4. The 4-Ball leaves a trail of small stationary violet-colored plasma balls in its path that explode into a weak electric pulses after a short time.
  5. The 5-Ball is heavier and causes small quakes where it strikes.
  6. The 6-Ball is lightweight and not as powerful, but is travels much faster and can bounce additional times before dying.
  7. When launched, the 7-Ball initiates a gravity mechanism that causes it to steadily drop as it bounces. Otherwise it has standard power.
  8. The 8-Ball has no bounce ability and doesn't emit electricity, instead releasing a powerful explosion when it strikes a surface or object.

If Codra fires a weakly-charged or un-charged shot, the billiard ball fired from the launcher will instead spin in mid air for a small period of time using an electromagnetic force to stay afloat. Codra can then strike it with the pool cue, his own body, or another ball to send it flying. Codra can keep four balls levitating at a time using this and strike them all at the same time to overwhelm an opponent.

The pool cue by itself functions as an effective blunt weapon for Codra and when the base is twisted, the end of the cue lights up and emits electricity for increased attack power. Codra can also use the pool cue for several different acrobatic stunts, flipping and vaulting over enemy attacks and spinning the cue in front of him to block projectiles and hit a target multiple times.



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