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Name Nirave
Designer CHAOS-CHAOS-CHAOS (design)
BeamingBlues (weapon concept)
TheShockwave48 (chrome mirages)
Gender Male
Age 21 (Arc 2)
23 (Arc 3)
Nationality Arabian
Height 6ft 3in

Nirave (ナレイブ, Nareibu) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Nirave is a tall, flexible, slim-muscular figure with topaz eyes, a pair of thick, jagged eyebrows, and a set of six onyx-colored earrings-three worn on each ear with the lowest earring being distinctly larger than the rest. Nirave has blueish-black hair that shoots off to his left, with the top layers of the hair colored a blueish-silver color, the bottom curling over the top of his head.

Nirave's outfit is a skintight black latex bodysuit that encloses his whole body below the middle of his neck (with a zipper that runs down the center of the back). Worn over the bodysuit is a pale, light grayish azure jacket scrunched up on the sleeves. Worn across the lower arms are a pair of light topaz rings just below the elbow with an onyx diamond embedded on each one, a blueish-black wrapping with the ends undone and a smaller light topaz diamond at the ends of the wrapping, holding the sleeve-wrapping together.

Nirave wears a belt on his waist built using a sequence of thick blueish-black rolls of fabric with the two frontmost ones longer and unraveled, light topaz spheres, and an onyx diamond in the center. Underneath the belt, Nirave wears a pair of two loose, saggy leggings colored the same as his jacket attached to the belt through four suspenders- two on the front, and two on the rear. On his lower legs and feet, Nirave wears a pair of boots; the shafts of the boots built from blueish-black halos appearing similarly to the cloth wrapped around his arm, while the main body of each boot is a slightly darker grayish-azure with two topaz diamonds placed to simulate the "tongue" of each boot. The tips of the boots are bent upwards to resemble an Arabian-style shoe, while the bottoms are made of pale yellow metal arranged in a horizontal line pattern for increased traction on ground.

The antimatter mirages Nirave can produce replicate his appearance and clothing, but adapt a monochrome grayish orchid or grayish phthalo blue color palette in the hair, jacket, onyx jewelry, and pants. The mirages have heads made of light, flexible metal and less-detailed abs on their chests compared to those of Nirave. Their eyes are completely black, save for bright yellow eyes that glow in emit light in dark spaces, and their mouths are replaced with five vertical openings. The clothing of the two mirages' bodies are made of a smooth, liquidly metal, which can ooze spherical orbs colored alike the surface they emerge from. These orbs either disintegrate into the air, remain attached to the mirages, or are weaponsied as explosives.


Nirave was originally raised by a family of modern Arabians in a large desert city after being stranded and separated from his original parents at sea. One day when he was out exploring in his teen years, he found himself inside the chamber of an ancient underground tomb said to be several thousand years old. There, upon opening up a sealed-up coffin deep within the tomb, he discovers a substance of living antimatter that absorbs itself into the first person it sees since it was first sealed- in this case Nirave. With the antimatter premaritally sealed inside him, Nirave gained a boost to his abilities and obtained the power to create up to two solid colored mirages of himself and have them assist in battles.

Today, Nirave still resides in the Arabian village and the various dungeons, pyramids and temples in northeastern Africa, occasionally paying visits to other worlds across the globe for his own reasons.


Nirave is a lone wolf full of mystery that shows very little affection for others and is, typically, only interested in and caring for himself. It is rare for Nirave to consider someone a "friend" of his, as growing up he was overly distant from others- especially after the shock of being separated from his real parents and not getting along too well with the family he was forced to live with. Nirave takes great pride in his flashy appearance and his extreme power, smiling when he puts them to good use. Because Nirave can generate copies of himself in the form of the antimatter clones, he is not very co-operative and prefers to get the job done by himself with his clones and with little to no external help, calling the clones "the only allies I need". However, if his life depends on it, he will group up with others as much as he may regret it.

Nirave's voice is deep, mature, and smooth, though in tense and dire moments he will raise his voice to make a point more clear. The antimatter that Nirave sports control over has no personality, and the mirages simply copy Nirave's own personality. The mirages lack any ability to speak, and can only communicate directly to Nirave through their minds and body language.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

The antimatter, along with bestowing the ability to produce metallic chrome mirages out of thin air that act alongside their user, granted Nirave superhuman strength, levitation, and the ability to instantly stop time in the area he stands temporarily by closing his left eye tightly and widely opening the eye seconds after to emit a bright flash. Anything caught in the affected area, including living beings, freeze completely from Nirave's perspective. Meanwhile, the affected victim(s) witness the time-halting power as Nirave acting out at such a high speed that he appears to instantly jump or teleport form one place to another. Nirave can freeze time for as long as twenty seconds based on how long he closes his eye, drawing in more power in the process. Nirave, however, cannot move objects physically within the frozen space, and targets can only feel Nirave making contact with them when the effect runs out. To prevent the time-stopping from being used accidentally, it is usually accompanied by some sort of arm or hand gesture, such as a finger snap or a fist pump, which is also performed to resume time.

Alongside this technique, Nirave and his chrome mirages can loosen the density in their arms and use a self-accelerating power to rapid-fire their fists and execute a fury of punches in a second. Nirave can conjure up semi-solid marbles formed from the antimatter in his hands or the bodies of the mirages and throw them at targets, detonating on contact. If time is stopped, the marbles appear to float in midair when thrown, and once time resumes the marbles suddenly increase in speed to high velocities- much faster than if thrown normally without stopping time, potentiomally piercing through objects before exploding on contact. The marbles can also multiply rapidly while in Nirave's hands or once deployed to increase the effect.

If the mirages are attacked directly with weak attacks, their simply absorb the blows. However if attacked with a force strong enough, they can be knocked out, causing them to fade away. Nirave's own powers are also limited- despite having a large amount of stamina, Nirave can tire himself out if he uses his powers too aggressively, such as by attempting to stop time for a very long period of time or generating more than two antimatter mirages at once.



  • Nirave's design was based on a traditional JoJo's Bizarre Adventure character, with an appearance resembling DIO as depicted in Part III: Stardust Crusaders (with the concept of the antimatter copies of Nirave being similar to that of a Stand). The other half of his appearance (including his signature hair) wass based on Duplex Man from the canceled Mega Man 3 hack Mega Man Odyssey.

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