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Name Ottomar
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age Built to be 41 (3), 44 (4)
Nationality German
Height Undocumented

Ottomar (オットーマル, Ottōmaru) is a character in Aozora's Adventure.


Ottomar is a robot built in Germany with the purpose of piloting and guarding a large aerial base that flies in the skies. Like many robots at the time, he was built with advanced, human-like AI, despite only vaguely having a human shape to his design. In place of legs, Ottomar has a high-power rocket booster continuously blasting from underneath, along with two additional rockets on his back to keep him afloat and stabilized. His main characteristics include a body made out of steel, some of it colored a pale, grayish scarlet, and large "teeth".

Ottomar operates on a combination of fuel and electrical charges- the former allowing him to function fully and the latter powering his weapons.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Ottomar can use his rocket boosters to fly around freely at decently high speeds. His main arsenal includes a green laser fired from a small cannon inside his right hand which bends and curves to ensure it hits any target Ottomar is focused on. Ottomar's chest also houses a barrage of missiles, which can open up into two and fold back to bombard targets with them.


  • Ottomar's design and body shape was loosely inspired by Valnus from the arcade game Gunbird.

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