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Name Chinatsu
Designer Superjustinbros
LinkerLuis (redesign)
Gender Female
Age 24 (Arc 2)
26 (Arc 3)
29 (Arc 4)
Nationality French
Height 6ft, 3in

Chinatsu (千夏) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Chinatsu has dark red curly hair and navy blue eyes, and sports a black pirate cap with her personal logo on the front, a bright banner running along the top, and two red ribbons wrapped around the side. Along her neck are two necklaces, while her top is white, folded in the front with black straps to connect the front and back, and a brown belt placed around the bottom to weigh it down and tighten it. Her shorts are black latex jeans shredded greatly but with no fringe so it appears like a miniskirt, even exposing the bottoms of her buttocks. The pants are held on by a brown belt, much like the one on her top, and strapped to it on one side is a holster that carries a dual-barrel pistol, which serves as an alternative to Chinatsu's fighting techniques.

Both Chinatsu's fingerless bicep high gloves and thigh-high boots are dark blue latex with flexible metal cuffs. Around Chinatsu's chest are six tiger tattoos arranged around her abdomen.


Chinatsu was born in a village located on a tropical content which was regularly occupied by burly male pirates who treated most females with disrespect due to their mindset that women sported inferior strength and did not deserve to be at or beyond their ranks. After years of harassment, Chinatsu trained relentlessly during her teenage years with the goal of becoming the strongest and fastest woman on the island and eventunally set off like the idols she spent years reading about and hearing stories about to raid the seas, collecting as much loot as she could acquire and using her bounty to purchase stronger and more valuable weapons and enhance her ship and equipment, as well as recruit a team of twelve lesser female pirates to serve as her crew.

Despite her crude, self-dependent, greedy and sassy nature, Chinatsu treats her fellow crew members well, keeping their ship safe and sanitary as well as providing as much food, healthcare, and supplies as possible, taking her crew through training sessions to keep them fit for new dangers while also making and encouraging them work together to allow them to bond and develop friendships with each other. On solo missions that don't require external help, Chinatsu leaves her ship behind to explore on foot while her crew guards the ship, arming herself only with a pocket knife and her trademark custom-designed dual-barrel pistol.

Chinatsu loves to party in her off-duty, treating herself and her crew of shipmates to drinking and dancing parties at sunset, especially after a long day of hard work.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Thanks to a slim yet powerful body and a small amount of muscle development, Chinatsu is a fast, agile, and strong close-quarters combatant. She leaps into battles armed with a dual-barrled pistol hoisted on her pants as a secondary weapon and a small pocket knife used more for utility than direct combat. Chinatsu is well-adept at using the battleground to her advantage, traversing it with remarkable athletic and parkour techniques to get in close to her targets for a surprise attack or to dart away from incoming danger.

Chainatsu's main clame to fame is super strength as a result of all her years training and lifting extraordinarily heavy objects. She can effortlessly pick up anything weighing in or under 242 pounds/110 kilograms, despite showing some struggle keeping something close to or over that number in her hands. Her favorite objects to toss are large and heavy barrels and steel kegs due to their rolling functionality. If Chinatsu can get in close to an enemy, she can attempt a suplex technique to knock them out if regular punches and kicks won't do it.


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